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10 tips for long eyelashes

No matter how generous Mother Nature would have been with them, women invariably want long eyelashes, thick and curved, most often using to wear fake eyelashes. And if you let them … grow? Here are 1o  guaranteed tips: 1.   Use grandma’s trick. It is said that castor oil is able to stimulate growth and hair thickening even eyelashes. But be ...

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Arched eyebrows using shadowing technique

The newest makeup trick to amplify the eyebrows is the #shadowing technique,  that can even change your physiognomy. Below you will learn how to get the perfect eyebrows without looking … painted! PREPARATION pluck the extra hair and then brush your eyebrows down. And then follow the steps bellow:

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How to be in trend this summer

It is true that in 2016 we fell in love with lip gloss, but we don’t want to lose the matte lipstick! This trend dominates more than ever, conquering almost all the runways fashion! Discover which are the colors of matte lipstick that will delight us in 2016 what options you have to try and which are the most used ...

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