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Homemade pad for overnight detox

People in Japan use detox pads to get rid of body toxins during the night. In the morning the foot pad will be darken as a sign of toxins absorption. The pads have no side effects because are made from natural ingredients. Used repeatedly this miraculous pad will help you eliminate all the toxins that you have accumulated throughout the ...

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Detoxify your blood with this recipe

A clean and healthy circulatory system is essential for health maintaining, because without a good blood circulation, the body can’t effectively function within any system. Healthy circulation is essential for health and can properly heal every part of the body, without exception. Nutrition specialist recommend a detoxify recipe based on two ingredients sunflower seeds and water.

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Easy recipe to detoxify your colon

Having a clean colon can prevent a lot of unwanted diseases. Having 1 tablespoon of flax seed flour before the main meals will remove mucus, parasites and unhealthy deposits without destroying intestinal flora. Also absorbs body toxins and reduces cholesterol. This treatment should be followed for 3 weeks. Another remedy to detoxify your colon is based on flaxseed flour and ...

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