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How to clean blinds

One of the most difficult activities that you  have to do at home is cleaning the blinds. These objects changed their appearance much lately. At first, they were made of wood, then appeared the canvas, and now, the most common are the plastic ones. They attract dust very quickly and they require the most rigorous and frequent cleaning process. And ...

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How to clean the mattress. Quick and Easy

There are practical and comfortable and give us headaches when it stain. Therefore, we want to tell you how to  easily and quickly clean the mattress, without fuss, with one of the most common ingredients. The danger from the mattress About the toxic substances from mattresses i bet you have heard a lot,  diisocyanate toluene being the most dangerous of them. If ...

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How to clean your computer keyboard in 30 seconds

Who does not like to eat while working, reading or watching movies? Well, most of us do this, but what about the dirt accumulated on the keyboard? Eating while your on your computer, can be relaxing for many of us and sometimes can help us to save time and finish  the projects faster. However, this activity has less pleasant sides.

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