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7 benefits of egg white for hair and skin

Since ancient times, when women know all herbal secrets, egg white was used in many beauty treatments. Unfortunately,  today just a few women know its incredible properties. Find out what benefits egg whites has for your beauty! And you must include it in your care ritual! Egg white … 1. … removes facial hair Instead of using wax to remove ...

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Get rid of hair dye stains from your skin

When you dye your hair at home you will stain your skin. It’s inevitable and it mostly happens on the ears and on the forehead. Rubbing the areas is not pleasant, so here are some tips on how to prevent the stains and how to remove them easier than ever.

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Remove hair dye stains from your face and hands

Dyeing your hair at home has both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are that you are saving money and time and one disadvantage is represented by the stains from the hair dye that can remain on your forehead, ears or hands. Of course is better to prevent this from happening. What you can do is to apply a fat cream on ...

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Get rid of white hair using homemade dye

Hair dyes are not the only commercially available solution for covering white hair, there are all sorts of natural methods that can color the hair without affecting it in any way. It may seem bizarre and complicated to prepare your home hair dye solution, but it is not far so difficult. Of course, we can’t obtain at home so many ...

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