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Beautiful hands with this homemade hand and nail cream

If you’re part of  that category of women who can not live without hand cream, today we have for you a very simple hand and nail cream recipe with moisturizing properties, which you can be made at home. Hand cream, an essential beauty product Many women suffer from dry skin, and  particularly lots of them complain about their dry hands! ...

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4 home remedies for swollen feet

We spend hours at the office, we walk with a pair of stilettos and  we are forced to endure the summer heat. In these circumstances, we wake up with swollen legs, painful, and  the physical discomfort is doubled by the aesthetics one! We offer you 10 remedies for swollen feet, which will help you get your good mood back! All ...

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Essential oils recipes to refresh clothes

If you are tired to spend large amount of money on fabric softeners  that total  changes the flavor when they get on fabric, it not only has to replace them with  essential oils. Choose your favorite flavors and use them every time you do laundry. They do not stain or attack fabrics and their odor persists in a pleasant and ...

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How to use coconut oil to reduce wrinkles

Most people think that wrinkles are something permanent, that once you have wrinkles, they will not disappear, but in fact there are plenty of things you can do about it. Of course, nutrition and internal cleanliness are key parts of the equation and it is not uncommon to discover that after tons of juices, eating uncooked foods and treating your ...

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