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10 tips for long eyelashes

No matter how generous Mother Nature would have been with them, women invariably want long eyelashes, thick and curved, most often using to wear fake eyelashes. And if you let them … grow? Here are 1o  guaranteed tips: 1.   Use grandma’s trick. It is said that castor oil is able to stimulate growth and hair thickening even eyelashes. But be ...

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How to thicken up your eyelashes

When you rub your eyes because of fatigue, allergy or makeup removal you may notice that your eyelashes fall. Well, you should know that it is necessary to apply several simple steps that will make them more thicken. The main function of eyelshes is to protect your eyes from sunlight and external aggression such as dust, sand or sweat droplets. ...

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How to obtain super long eyelashes in 5 minutes

A trick for longer eyelashes, invented by a beauty blogger from  Dubai, made headlines last days on the Internet. The young Huda Kattan has taught her fans how to get longer eyelashes  similar to false eyelashes, but naturally, using only mascara, a clean mascara brush from an old mascara and some cotton. Super long eyelashes in just 5 minutes – ...

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3 mascara mistakes that you should avoid

You think you’re never wrong when you apply mascara? Let’s see if until the end of the article you won’t change your mind. The good in all this “deal” is that once you know your mistakes, you can quickly correct them. 1. You apply old mascara on your eyelashes Any expert will tell you that mascara should be changed every ...

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