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Finger Painting makeup without brushes

The newest  makeup accessory, champion on  precision chapter: your dominant hand! Give up your brushes to try these profesional tricks  collected directly from major podiums! Here are 4 reasons to try the finger painting 1. It’s sexy and relaxing “Using your hands to stretch the creamy products –  is the only formula that goes without brushes – creates a natural  ...

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How to prepare a homemade natural foundation

Because of their beneficial, bio cosmetics, especially those prepared at home, have become increasingly popular. The properties that they have successfully places them above those from the shops. I’ll show you how you can prepare a  natural  foundation at home. Follow the steps below and you’ll get the best foundation that you have ever had! HOMEMADE NATURAL FOUNDATION RECIPE: The ...

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5 beauty mistakes that make you look older

Makeup is one of the easiest ways to highlights your face features, but it can quickly turn into a double-edged weapon: incorrectly used, it can exacerbate the  issues you want to camouflage and can add years to your face. And that you should avoid. Read and find out how to fix the five most common make-up mistakes that can make ...

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How to remove makeup traces from clothing

Nothing is more annoying than to ruin your clothes with makeup stains . Maybe it happened to you at least once, to throw your favorite dress or shirt  because of makeup traces  Fortunately, most makeup stains can be removed with the right solutions and a little patience. Foundation stains are some of the most common. In general, you risk to ...

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8 makeup tricks for eyeglass wearing girls

Even if glasses have gained popularity in recent years it  can be really challenging when it comes to wearing the right makeup. Not every makeup is right for you when you have to wear this accessory. Here are a few tricks for an ideal makeup: Do not use dark makeup Keep smokey makeup for when you wear contact lenses. Too much makeup can darken your look. ...

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3 Mistakes to Avoid when you apply foundation

Choosing the right foundation and applying it right on your face can change your whole make-up.Before applying a foundation you must prepare the face for makeup, and hydration is the key to a strong makeup. Wrong color When choosing a foundation you must find a source of natural light and apply the foundation to the jaw. Then you have to ...

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