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How to use vinegar to clean the bedroom

Vinegar is a particularly good ingredient for cleaning and freshening the bedroom. Vinegar has a low price, it is not toxic and can have many uses in the household. It removes odors, stains and clean debris, and at the same time acts as a strong disinfectant. Vinegar is found in any grocery store. With one bottle you can clean and ...

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How to remove tobacco smell from house

Did you moved into a new house, but it belonged to hardcore smokers who have formed the habit of smoking throughout the house? Certainly the smell of tobacco was impregnated throughout the house, in the walls and furniture, which means that you face an unpleasant smell every time you enter the house. The smell is not the only problem in ...

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How to CORRECTLY clean and polish wood furniture

Wood is a stylish and basic element of our homes, whether you put it in the kitchen, dining room or other rooms. It is a perfect material and preferred by many people because it gives a more rustic design, making it more beautiful. However, it may cost you much to proper care it. There are some tips you can follow ...

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Homemade cleaning solution that keeps the dust away

Do  you want to clean your house with solutions that aren’t full of chemicals and that can be harmful to your health? Well, you have a few natural “recipes”  to wipe the dust  or any dirt. For furniture and flooring is better to use olive oil or eucalyptus essential oil to bring back its luster and get rid of any ...

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Clean the entire house in just 60 minutes

A typical day of work typically involves many activities: work, with its responsibilities and afferent nerves, bills to pay, taking the child from the kindergarten or school and so on.  When do you have time to clean the house in all this rush? Perhaps only on weekends,  or on your only day off … Well, to finish the cleaning quickly  ...

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