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Pimples under the skin can be a huge problem. Here’s how you can learn a few tricks on how to bring them to skin surface in order to efficiently get rid of them. Herbal acne cream Despite the fact that most herbal acne cream have no pleasant odor at all, several face creams based on natural extracts have demonstrated great ...

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Natural remedies to clear blackheads

Blackheads often affects the skin, since adolescence. These are caused by excess sebum, which, in combination with skin bacteria and pollution create these unattractive spots. They tend to appear all over your face, neck or back, usually in places where the pores are larger and open. Although there are numerous cosmetic facial cleansing products that enable the extraction of blackheads, ...

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Home remedy to get rid of white hair

Did you just see a white hair and you started to worry about the money that you’ll spend on beauty salons to cover it? We have the perfect solution for you. This is because you can recover the original color using a natural remedy. To prepare at home this miraculous remedy you need the following ingredients:

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