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Get rid of white hair using homemade dye

Hair dyes are not the only commercially available solution for covering white hair, there are all sorts of natural methods that can color the hair without affecting it in any way. It may seem bizarre and complicated to prepare your home hair dye solution, but it is not far so difficult. Of course, we can’t obtain at home so many ...

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6 hairstyle mistakes that can make you look older

Aging is a normal process of life that cannot be avoided. You try to slow it down by using treatments and creams, but did you know that all your efforts may be in vain if you wear a wrong hairstyle? Here are some mistakes that can make you look a few years older and try to keep them in mind ...

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Get rid of white hair in 5 minutes

This powerful mix popular in the oriental world is an effective natural remedy against hair loss and hair graying phenomenon. It is known as the Exotic Elixir due to its precious basic ingredient – curry leaves. It is believed that in only 5 minutes, the necessary time for its preparation, you can get rid of gray hair and can regain ...

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How to prevent gray hair

All women would like to have thick, healthy and shiny hair. Who wouldn’t? Unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn’t that generous with all of us when it comes to beautiful and healthy hair. But don’t lose hope! We have a remedy for it. We recommend using an efficient ingredient that can be easily found in every garden: it is red onion. The ...

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