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Homemade baking soda treatment for dark circles and under eye bags

More and more people were convinced of the benefits of sodium bicarbonate, so they got to use it frequently in everyday life, either in cooking, cleaning or beauty product. Especially women appreciate it as a beauty product. The most effective face masks contain sodium bicarbonate. The recipe below helps to eliminate dark circles and bags under the eyes using bicarbonate.

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How to detox your liver overnight

Numerous studies have shown that L-theanine, a compound that is found in green tea is very good for health. Researchers claim that theanine helps the body to relax and relieves anxiety. Experiments have shown that this substance relieves the stress, without the need to sleep. Japanese scientists have observed that people who take 200 mg daily of L-theanine woke up ...

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Home remedies to get rid of blackheads

Many of us have oily skin, and this skin type creates a lot of problems besides shiny skin, also because it favors the appearance of blackheads. The problem is that these blackheads, in case of oily skin, multiply rapidly and are more visible. A natural and easy to use solution to reduce your blackheads is to do yourself some face ...

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Get Rid Of Fat By Drinking Something Delicious

This magical and delicious drink will help you to get rid of your frustrations, burning the fat and boosting your metabolism. You will not have to spend a fortune on too expensive and ineffective treatment full of chemicals and toxic additives. You can prepare this at home, by yourself, using just a few 100% natural and cheap ingredients that you ...

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