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How to use cinnamon to lighten your hair

Cinnamon is a safe alternative to chemicals  products used to dye hair. This not only gives to your hair a lighter shade, but also offers it a gloss, makes it soft and silky and it will smell wonderful. The best effect will be visible on  brown hair. With a single treatment the hair will become lighten – 2 or 3 ...

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How to remove makeup traces from clothing

Nothing is more annoying than to ruin your clothes with makeup stains . Maybe it happened to you at least once, to throw your favorite dress or shirt  because of makeup traces  Fortunately, most makeup stains can be removed with the right solutions and a little patience. Foundation stains are some of the most common. In general, you risk to ...

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6 hairstyle mistakes that can make you look older

Aging is a normal process of life that cannot be avoided. You try to slow it down by using treatments and creams, but did you know that all your efforts may be in vain if you wear a wrong hairstyle? Here are some mistakes that can make you look a few years older and try to keep them in mind ...

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Remove hair dye stains from your face and hands

Dyeing your hair at home has both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are that you are saving money and time and one disadvantage is represented by the stains from the hair dye that can remain on your forehead, ears or hands. Of course is better to prevent this from happening. What you can do is to apply a fat cream on ...

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