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Six oils hair mask. Get super glossy hair

Every woman’s dream is to have a long and healthy hair. Most commercially available products are expensive and often inefficient in long term. We propose you a hair mask made from natural products that will make your hair glossy and voluminous. Used in long-term, will nourish the hair and treat alopecia. You should know that even a normal hair can ...

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Overnight treatment for a gorgeous hair

Waking up in the morning is not easy. Not just because you would sleep another hour or two, however, your look is not one with which you’ll be proud. And the real drama is when you look in the and you see…your hair. Most of us take care of  hair during the day. After bathing or in the morning when ...

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Most Effective Mask for Hair Growth

For many of us a full hair is not only the definition of beauty but of health too. We present you a hair mask that not only stimulates hair growth, but it moisturizes and nourishes it, too. It also has an important anti-static effect and regulates sebum excess. Ingredients -a egg or yolk of the egg only -a banana -a ...

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Homemade Natural Mask For The Hair

Every woman is probably using it very often in kitchen, but do they know what other qualities is it hiding?Red onion contains vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C, mineral salts, substances with antibiotic and diuretics character. Its proprieties are remaining intact if it is consumed raw. Here are also other nutritional information: Fibers: 1.3 grams, calories: 23, proteins: 0.9 ...

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