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Overnight treatment for a gorgeous hair

Waking up in the morning is not easy. Not just because you would sleep another hour or two, however, your look is not one with which you’ll be proud. And the real drama is when you look in the and you see…your hair. Most of us take care of  hair during the day. After bathing or in the morning when ...

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Homemade treatment for hair straightening

We all know how costly it is to visit the hair salons. And how much harm the utensils and styling products, full of chemicals, do to our hair. This article is helpful for those who are used to straighten their hair and want to do it in the privacy of their own home without destroying the hair.

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Cinnamon treatment for hair growth

Cinnamon is not only one of the best culinary ingredients of nature, but also a natural  beauty treatment. Since ancient times, it was included in all kinds of care treatments and its benefits are numerous in this regard. If you apply the cinnamon treatments on your hair you will get rid of a lot of troubles! From lack of vitality ...

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Sage Treatment For Hair And Teeth

One of the oldest medicinal plants, sage, is a common plant nowadays. It has been used by the ancient Egyptians. Back then it was used mostly for stopping bleeding wounds, for disinfection purposes, known also for its curative properties in terms of gastric diseases. There is an old proverb saying “who has sage in the garden does not need a ...

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Baking Soda Hair Treatment

Is your hair thin, greasy, without volume and lacking vitality? You most probably already know by now that it is no worth trying all those glamorous hairstyles that other women can wear without a problem. No matter what you do, your hair just won’t listen. Despite your efforts to shine, it still looks faded. You can now thicken it naturally ...

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Coconut oil hair treatment

Used for several years in India and also in other parts of Asia, coconut oil is as a hair treatment. It can be used both as a hair treatment and / or as a conditioner. Widely recognized for its benefits against dry and damaged hair, coconut oil is also an excellent treatment against dandruff. It is extremely easy to make ...

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