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7 quick post waxing solutions to avoid irritations

No matter  the used method to get rid of the unwanted hair, it is impossible not to be experienced at least once skin irritation after waxing, shaving. Immediately after waxing the skin becomes sensitive and hair roots can bleed and take the appearance of red spots and a possible folliculitis may compromise the appearance of fine, sexy legs. But if ...

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Homemade cream for dry skin

Sometimes, without any reason skin begins to dry out more and more, which means you must pay attention and nourish it properly. On the market there are, of course, special products for dry skin, but  often  on a  staggering price, especially if you want to buy quality products. Therefore, we propose you to make it with your own hands … ...

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Homemade Anti-Aging Cream

It has been proved that the majority of anti-aging creams that are nowadays available on the market are full of additives. In spite of the toxic chemicals that they contain, most of creams are quite expensive and unfortunately they are also sometimes ineffective.

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Get Rid Of Blackheads With These 100% Natural Masks

Every woman is getting frustrated when black spots are appearing on her face. Black spots are very unattractive and unsightly but you can try the following trick which is extremely simple and efficient. Egg white can have unsuspected beneficial effects because it is very rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins which are exactly what our skin is in need for. ...

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Effective Hair Loss Remedy

Several factors might contribute to hair loss, such as: age, hereditary or hormonal disorders, having a constant certain stress or more aggressive factors like smoking, frequently drying the hair using a hair dryer, straightening on a regular basis or using too often other styling products. All these can weaken the hair roots and leading to hair loss.

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Anti-aging Homemade Cream

What woman in this world is not dreaming about a magical solution to all their problems? Or, at least, the most important one. And that dream would be aging without any scars left by the years who are passing through us, leaving us with wrinkles and aging skin. Not all the solutions, lotions, creams or treatments from the pharmacies or ...

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