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Essential oils recipes to refresh clothes

If you are tired to spend large amount of money on fabric softeners  that total  changes the flavor when they get on fabric, it not only has to replace them with  essential oils. Choose your favorite flavors and use them every time you do laundry. They do not stain or attack fabrics and their odor persists in a pleasant and ...

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How to clean the mattress. Quick and Easy

There are practical and comfortable and give us headaches when it stain. Therefore, we want to tell you how to  easily and quickly clean the mattress, without fuss, with one of the most common ingredients. The danger from the mattress About the toxic substances from mattresses i bet you have heard a lot,  diisocyanate toluene being the most dangerous of them. If ...

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How to make a natural cuticle softener at home

They say a woman is known by her neat hands.  Your hands are not just your business card in society, your hands are miracles in the household. But how to keep a  perfect manicure when you need to do all the housework, to wash dishes, floors, etc. And quite many women  don’t use gloves while doing it. Without  protection  your ...

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How to fight against thinning and hair loss

Hair loss is troublesome for whatever reason it produces: stress, medical conditions. The good thing is that there are methods that can help to prevent or to treat the problem of thinning and hair loss. By age 60, almost 40% of women have suffered from some form of hair loss and while men find it upsetting when it happens to ...

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