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How to get rid of unwanted facial hair

Unwanted facial hair has become a top concern for women nowadays, especially when estrogen levels change. According to the Healthy Food Team, many of the products already on the market, despite the high cost of manufacturing,  don’t provide lasting effects in terms of facial hair removal. Because of this, the most appropriate would be to appeal to a natural method ...

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Get rid of skin pigmentation with 2 ingredients

Skin pigmentation  can be caused by aging, excessive exposure to the sun or a number of diseases. For people facing such problems we have some solutions not only very cheap but also natural and easy to prepare. Before starting the healing treatment here are a few information you should know about skin pigmentation: How pigmentation spots appear? Skin  receives color ...

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6 natural pore shrinking masks

After an age the skin begins to suffer  some changes and besides wrinkles,  pores can become very visible. To shrink the pores we recommend six natural facial masks that can be made at home. Not just people who pass a certain age have problems with pores, but also those who have oily skin. There are cosmetic products to heal this ...

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How to get rid of blackheads with sugar

Blackheads are every woman’s nightmare. Not only they are unsightly, but in time contributes to skin damage, facilitating the formation of wrinkles. There is a recipe which we can fight against blackheads even at home without too much hassle or investment  or pharmacies. Another advantage of this treatment is that it uses only natural ingredients that can be found in ...

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Pumpkin facial mask for glowing skin

Pumpkin is a food that has many nutritional properties, extremely beneficial to our organism. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, pumpkin is perfect in any season and, moreover, has low calories, making it suitable for weight-loss diets,  100 grams of pumpkin  containing only 26 kcal. Another aspect that I recommend is that can be used both for cooking and for other ...

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Best methods to remove blackheads

Natural Tricks To Stop Hair Loss

Acne and blackheads can give headaches, and is not always easy to get rid of them. Blackheads occur most often on the face area, more often to people who experience sebum excess , especially around the nose and chin. The skin produce more oil (sebum) than normal, overlaps makeup, dust and dead skin cells,  turning into the nightmare of all: ...

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9 natural cleaning products that you can do at home

Toxins can enter in our body through the skin, not only through food, so it is recommended to use cleaning products that are natural and do not affect us in any way. Commercial laundry products can cause poisoning, digestive and respiratory infections, especially among children. The most effective ingredients  to clean the house are baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar.

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How to properly clean the washing machine

The washing machine accumulates after only a few uses, a number of submissions. In addition, it is quite possible that in a very short time, your clothes not to smell fresh at the end of the washing program, and to have different odors. Commercially there are all sorts of products specifically designed for cleaning the dishwasher, but fortunately, you can  ...

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Non-toxic ways to clean the fridge

The refrigerator keeps the food fresh, but beyond that, over time, can develop a number of bacteria that will be expensive to eliminate. However, because  refrigerator it’s the subject, it is recommended to clean it without  chemicals that can settle on food,only using natural and organic ingredients. To clean your refrigerator, you need: -vinegar -sodium bicarbonate -lemon juice -tea tree ...

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