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Finger Painting makeup without brushes

The newest  makeup accessory, champion on  precision chapter: your dominant hand! Give up your brushes to try these profesional tricks  collected directly from major podiums! Here are 4 reasons to try the finger painting 1. It’s sexy and relaxing “Using your hands to stretch the creamy products –  is the only formula that goes without brushes – creates a natural  ...

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Makeup trick: Fuller Lips Without Surgery

Contouring techniques are useful not only for sculpted cheekbones, but  also for for your lips by giving the illusion of fuller lips.Same principle  of light placing applies here: light shades to create the the volume illusion and dark shades for a depth effect. 1. On your  hydrated lips, begins by tracing the outer contour of the lips using darker shade ...

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How to remove makeup traces from clothing

Nothing is more annoying than to ruin your clothes with makeup stains . Maybe it happened to you at least once, to throw your favorite dress or shirt  because of makeup traces  Fortunately, most makeup stains can be removed with the right solutions and a little patience. Foundation stains are some of the most common. In general, you risk to ...

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How to be in trend this summer

It is true that in 2016 we fell in love with lip gloss, but we don’t want to lose the matte lipstick! This trend dominates more than ever, conquering almost all the runways fashion! Discover which are the colors of matte lipstick that will delight us in 2016 what options you have to try and which are the most used ...

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7 tricks to make your makeup look professional

Makeup should be fun, but sometimes it can be annoying, especially at times when one of your friends always look impeccable, and you can just deal with the eyeliner.The good news is that there are ways that can help you apply makeup like a true professional. Whether you are a beginner in this area or simply you just haven’t found a look that ...

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6 lipstick mistakes that make you look older

Even if you don’t have problems with your lips, you can start to take better care of them right now. We advise you to avoid these mistakes in applying lipstick you could grow old prematurely. Here are 6 lipstick mistakes that you should avoid: 1. You don’t moisturize and exfoliate your lips. Treat your lips as you treat your skin! ...

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