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5 beauty mistakes that make you look older

Makeup is one of the easiest ways to highlights your face features, but it can quickly turn into a double-edged weapon: incorrectly used, it can exacerbate the  issues you want to camouflage and can add years to your face. And that you should avoid. Read and find out how to fix the five most common make-up mistakes that can make ...

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3 mascara mistakes that you should avoid

You think you’re never wrong when you apply mascara? Let’s see if until the end of the article you won’t change your mind. The good in all this “deal” is that once you know your mistakes, you can quickly correct them. 1. You apply old mascara on your eyelashes Any expert will tell you that mascara should be changed every ...

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3 Mistakes to Avoid when you apply foundation

Choosing the right foundation and applying it right on your face can change your whole make-up.Before applying a foundation you must prepare the face for makeup, and hydration is the key to a strong makeup. Wrong color When choosing a foundation you must find a source of natural light and apply the foundation to the jaw. Then you have to ...

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10 Worst Makeup Mistakes

Every girl, or woman, or even grandmother use makeup. But do they know exactly how to do it? It may seem simple since everyone is doing it but that doesn’t mean it is really something that anyone can do. Of course, anyone could learn how to use makeup products. Most women learn it just by always practicing and they just ...

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