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How to obtain super long eyelashes in 5 minutes

A trick for longer eyelashes, invented by a beauty blogger from  Dubai, made headlines last days on the Internet. The young Huda Kattan has taught her fans how to get longer eyelashes  similar to false eyelashes, but naturally, using only mascara, a clean mascara brush from an old mascara and some cotton. Super long eyelashes in just 5 minutes – ...

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How to remove makeup traces from clothing

Nothing is more annoying than to ruin your clothes with makeup stains . Maybe it happened to you at least once, to throw your favorite dress or shirt  because of makeup traces  Fortunately, most makeup stains can be removed with the right solutions and a little patience. Foundation stains are some of the most common. In general, you risk to ...

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8 makeup tricks for eyeglass wearing girls

Even if glasses have gained popularity in recent years it  can be really challenging when it comes to wearing the right makeup. Not every makeup is right for you when you have to wear this accessory. Here are a few tricks for an ideal makeup: Do not use dark makeup Keep smokey makeup for when you wear contact lenses. Too much makeup can darken your look. ...

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3 mascara mistakes that you should avoid

You think you’re never wrong when you apply mascara? Let’s see if until the end of the article you won’t change your mind. The good in all this “deal” is that once you know your mistakes, you can quickly correct them. 1. You apply old mascara on your eyelashes Any expert will tell you that mascara should be changed every ...

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Home treatment for lush eyelashes

We all dream of long and lush lashes, but not all of us are born with them. For those who don’t have the lashes they want there is a simple treatment to gain them.And it doesn’t involve expensive cosmetic products rich in chemicals. This simple home remedy for enhancing the growth of your lashes is going to clean, revitalize and ...

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