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How to remove stains from cotton

Whether you’ve stained your favorite dress or  cotton shirt, you definitely need a fast and functional method by which to inscribe cleanliness and freshness in fabric. Discover what are the best options that can help you remove stains from cotton clothes. Mold stains Unfortunately mildew is a problem that extends not just in the bathroom, kitchen and other wetlands in ...

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How to use vodka on cleaning

Vodka is an alcoholic drink very popular, primarily used for cocktails. Still, vodka is a perfect ingredient to clean and disinfect certain objects in your home. Here’s how you can use vodka in the cleaning process of your house. Vodka clean ceramic tiles Any hardened stain on tiles can not resist to a strong spirits such as vodka. Pour a ...

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How to remove mold from clothes

After standing for more than half a year folded in cupboards, summer clothes take on an unpleasant odor and even small spots of mold, if  are not well ventilated. Mold stains are made when the moisture level is high and are easily recognizable. Recent ones have a  gray light, and the oldest vary from dark gray to black.

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