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Dry your nail polish instantly

Home manicure can be a real pain, especially if you have two left hands. Besides that you fail to apply nail polish you realize that you have dirt your fingers also and the drying process is also not easier. Most often, those few minutes you  have to wait for your nails to dry seem an eternity and exactly then you  ...

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How to remove makeup traces from clothing

Nothing is more annoying than to ruin your clothes with makeup stains . Maybe it happened to you at least once, to throw your favorite dress or shirt  because of makeup traces  Fortunately, most makeup stains can be removed with the right solutions and a little patience. Foundation stains are some of the most common. In general, you risk to ...

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6 Mistakes to Avoid when you do your manicure

Your manicure doesn’t compare with the modest results you get at home? We gathered tips from beauty salons to give you solutions to problems you encounter when doing your manicure. 1. You neglect your issues Rough and broken cuticles will do nothing but cause pain when you cling to something. How can you solve it?

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5 mistakes that you make when you apply nail polish

Manicure seems a very easy thing to do, but there are certain rules which, if are not respected, could compromise the pattern that you have struggled so long to realize it or your nail health. Here are the most common mistakes when it comes to manicure! Do not skip over the protective top coat First, you should know that any ...

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Nail designs for the summer

Summer is on our doorstep and this is the moment when the party gets started! Flowing materials, short skirts or pants, tight braids or free curls, canvas espadrilles, floral motives and do not forget about matching the nails! We propose you to try some very easy to make nail designs especially designed for this full of color summer! Arm yourself ...

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