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Cinnamon treatment for hair growth

Cinnamon is not only one of the best culinary ingredients of nature, but also a natural  beauty treatment. Since ancient times, it was included in all kinds of care treatments and its benefits are numerous in this regard. If you apply the cinnamon treatments on your hair you will get rid of a lot of troubles! From lack of vitality ...

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How to clean the inside of your shoes and get rid of the odor

You should clean / wash the inside if your shoes, especially running shoes, casual ones, or every day shoes. Inevitably, your feet sweat more or less, and that activates bacteria which cause odor and transfer to the inner sole of the shoe. If some of them you  can be put t in the washing machine, other pairs of shoes are more complicated to  be cleaned  inside.You ...

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Homemade cleaning products. 100% natural

The cleaning products that you can find on the market are not only very expensive but also very toxic. These harms your health and those living in your home, but also the environment. The best solutions are those less harmful that you prepare at home from natural ingredients. Discover which are the easiest recipes to create cleaning products  that can ...

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7 ways to whiten your teeth at home

Unfortunately, there is no natural teeth whitening method to perform miracles, but there are several methods that give extra shine teeth and make them whiter. If you want to have spotless white teeth, it’s necessary to visit your dentist who will recommend you a method that fit your teeth. Until then, here are some home tricks that you can try: ...

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