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Homemade facial powder from natural ingredients

Natural products are beginning to gain ground in a consumer society where almost everything is processed. Cosmetics made from natural ingredients at home are also in high demand. It is true that cosmetics contain all kinds of toxic substances that harm our body or can even be fatal. If parabens, always present in such ointments which are commercially available, are ...

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How to get rid of scars naturally

The scars are very common, but we tend to be ashamed of them and we try to hide them. Here’s how to get rid of them naturally. Scars are a normal part of the healing process of the body. They come from cuts, burns, bites, etc., and most of the population has even a scar. Unfortunately, they are not too ...

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Homemade cream for scars: 3 healing recipes

Scars may be a reason why you feel embarrassed and you want to put as many clothes on.Whether it’s about scars left by acne, surgery, stretch marks or other injuries, they are never a cause for joy, so, naturally, everyone would like to be able to get rid of them. While there is no  miraculous way for  skin recovery, with ...

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How to clean the inside of your shoes and get rid of the odor

You should clean / wash the inside if your shoes, especially running shoes, casual ones, or every day shoes. Inevitably, your feet sweat more or less, and that activates bacteria which cause odor and transfer to the inner sole of the shoe. If some of them you  can be put t in the washing machine, other pairs of shoes are more complicated to  be cleaned  inside.You ...

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