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How to increase your breast size without surgery

Are you one of those women who want to have bigger breasts, without having to resort to surgery? Learn how to stimulate  breast enlargement using natural methods. The operations are costly and in addition they also have many risks, so if you turn to natural breast enlargement methods you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Here are some ...

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Homemade shampoo with 2 ingredients

A homemade shampoo,  made only with natural ingredients, is  better than his commercially version . Moreover, the presented  recipe it is very simple and has the skin’s natural pH of 5.5, which  you hardly find on store shelves. This is what you need for this natural shampoo: -1 can of coconut milk (or half a cup of  homemade coconut milk) ...

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How to fight against thinning and hair loss

Hair loss is troublesome for whatever reason it produces: stress, medical conditions. The good thing is that there are methods that can help to prevent or to treat the problem of thinning and hair loss. By age 60, almost 40% of women have suffered from some form of hair loss and while men find it upsetting when it happens to ...

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Get rid of belly fat, FAST, with this banana shake

Do you intend to lose weight in order to reduce waist circumference? We will present you a fast, secure and absolutely natural reduction of excess abdominal fat! You want to know the secret? Bananas! Bananas contain a  high level of potassium, which helps to increase muscle tissue and eliminate toxins from the body. And when you combine  the bananas with ...

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How to use coconut oil to reduce wrinkles

Most people think that wrinkles are something permanent, that once you have wrinkles, they will not disappear, but in fact there are plenty of things you can do about it. Of course, nutrition and internal cleanliness are key parts of the equation and it is not uncommon to discover that after tons of juices, eating uncooked foods and treating your ...

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Homemade soap for wrinkles

Most of cosmetic products that are available on nowadays market are full of chemicals. Whether it is about soaps, face or body lotions, shampoos, conditioners or shower gels, they all contain a lot of chemicals. Have you ever read the list of ingredients of the products you bought? Well, if you do, you would not wish to buy them again ...

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