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6 natural pore shrinking masks

After an age the skin begins to suffer  some changes and besides wrinkles,  pores can become very visible. To shrink the pores we recommend six natural facial masks that can be made at home. Not just people who pass a certain age have problems with pores, but also those who have oily skin. There are cosmetic products to heal this ...

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7 benefits of egg white for hair and skin

Since ancient times, when women know all herbal secrets, egg white was used in many beauty treatments. Unfortunately,  today just a few women know its incredible properties. Find out what benefits egg whites has for your beauty! And you must include it in your care ritual! Egg white … 1. … removes facial hair Instead of using wax to remove ...

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Get Rid Of Blackheads and Large Pores

It is well-known that blackheads are giving a harsh time to women all around the world. Especially when you have important dates or unexpected wedding invitations. The most durable way to get rid of them is to adopt a healthy died and also a good facial hygiene routine. But who does not need efficient and short results to their problems? ...

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Learn How To Remove Whiteheads

Whiteheads are appearing on your nose or face when a type of acne, the excess of sebum, dead cells and bacteria remain trapped in your pores. That is why you need to wash your face a few time per day. But you are not allowed to wash your face in excess either, because it could dry your face and irritate. ...

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