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How to use eucalyptus essential oil in house cleaning

Essential oils are generally used only for freshening the rooms, without taking into account that they represent the very best ingredients for house cleaning. For example, Eucalyptus essential oil is an ecological alternative to freshen up the whole house, but also to destroy some of the bacteria and microbes that exist on various surfaces. Moreover, about Eucalyptus essential oil is ...

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How to clean the dirtiest place in the fridge

Scientists have recently made a test which resulted that in the  refrigerator drawers for fruits and vegetables contain 750 times more bacteria than the level considered to be safe for health. Potential killer bacteria such as E. coli or salmonella and listeria are among the most commonly found in refrigerators, despite that temperatures in the interior are very low. 30 ...

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Non-toxic ways to clean the fridge

The refrigerator keeps the food fresh, but beyond that, over time, can develop a number of bacteria that will be expensive to eliminate. However, because  refrigerator it’s the subject, it is recommended to clean it without  chemicals that can settle on food,only using natural and organic ingredients. To clean your refrigerator, you need: -vinegar -sodium bicarbonate -lemon juice -tea tree ...

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How to clean stainless steel appliances

The stove, sink, refrigerator, or other surfaces made of stainless steel kitchen products require special cleaning. See how to clean stainless steel kitchen appliances, easy and quick. Essential rule for cleaning stainless steel surfaces To clean stainless steel surfaces properly you need a product that can clean and disinfect, and offers polish shine without scratching the metal.

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How to keep your kitchen free of bacteria

Whether you like to cook, whether you “lock” the kitchen of, one thing is certain – after you have ended the “hostilities” behind you remain many dishes and soiled utensils , odors, steam, sometimes even smoke … But there are some tricks that can help you have a clean kitchen, without bacteria.Also whether you cook or not, you know food ...

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4 places in the house that should be daily disinfected

When you decided to clean the house, did you think  about cleaning the shields pillows and tidy papers or cleaning the fridge? Very often we confuse the true sense of cleanliness in the house, with simple set of objects. The simple act of making the bed or cleaning the tidy papers doesn’t keep you safe from germs. So, do you ...

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