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4 home remedies for swollen feet

We spend hours at the office, we walk with a pair of stilettos and  we are forced to endure the summer heat. In these circumstances, we wake up with swollen legs, painful, and  the physical discomfort is doubled by the aesthetics one! We offer you 10 remedies for swollen feet, which will help you get your good mood back! All ...

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9 natural cleaning products that you can do at home

Toxins can enter in our body through the skin, not only through food, so it is recommended to use cleaning products that are natural and do not affect us in any way. Commercial laundry products can cause poisoning, digestive and respiratory infections, especially among children. The most effective ingredients  to clean the house are baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar.

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How to remove rust stains from clothes with home ingredients

Everyone hates stains on clothes, and rust is definitely one of the most disturbing stains. It seems almost impossible to clean and the washing machine does not always offer the best results. If you have rust stains on clothes, do not worry! You can remove them using a few tricks. The most important thing to keep in mind is to clean the ...

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How to clean a pan in 10 seconds

Pans are like wines, the older the better. That if you take care of them and clean them after each use. If you have cleaning troubles, here’s how to clean them in just 10 seconds. Pans are perfect for making delicious pancakes, tasty sauces , hearty breakfasts and other mad culinary , but it gets a little unfriendly when you ...

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How to use salt in cleaning

Salt. This is an indispensable ingredient in any household! Salt not only gives good flavor to dishes, but also helps you on house cleaning. It’s a natural product that does not harm the environment nor the house, so you can use it with confidence.

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Tea that eliminates water retention

Excess water can be removed using diuretics, but you have to choose one that does not irritate your kidneys. Birch leaf tea is great for this problem because it helps to treat urinary infections and kidney problems. Because it eliminates excess water from the body, it should be consumed especially before menstruation.And the best part is that it helps to ...

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