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How to get rid of stretch marks on breasts

Stretch marks are those signs that remain after the elastic fibers in the dermis break, caused by stretching or hormonal changes. In most cases, stretch marks on the breasts appear during puberty when they begin to develop suddenly or during pregnancy, and also when you are dealing with weight fluctuations. Before starting to worry, here is how you can fix ...

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How to prepare a homemade natural foundation

Because of their beneficial, bio cosmetics, especially those prepared at home, have become increasingly popular. The properties that they have successfully places them above those from the shops. I’ll show you how you can prepare a  natural  foundation at home. Follow the steps below and you’ll get the best foundation that you have ever had! HOMEMADE NATURAL FOUNDATION RECIPE: The ...

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Homemade Anti-Aging Cream

It has been proved that the majority of anti-aging creams that are nowadays available on the market are full of additives. In spite of the toxic chemicals that they contain, most of creams are quite expensive and unfortunately they are also sometimes ineffective.

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Learn How To Use Spa Procedures For Pedicure

Everyone is paying so much attention when it comes to their look. Always desperate to wear the best makeup, to use high quality cosmetic products, to have the most good looking outfits, the most shocking hairstyle and so on. Beauty and appearance are things of value nowadays. Healthy, as well. Sadly, for many people it isn’t as important as appearance, ...

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Homemade soap for wrinkles

Most of cosmetic products that are available on nowadays market are full of chemicals. Whether it is about soaps, face or body lotions, shampoos, conditioners or shower gels, they all contain a lot of chemicals. Have you ever read the list of ingredients of the products you bought? Well, if you do, you would not wish to buy them again ...

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