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How to clean blinds

One of the most difficult activities that you  have to do at home is cleaning the blinds. These objects changed their appearance much lately. At first, they were made of wood, then appeared the canvas, and now, the most common are the plastic ones. They attract dust very quickly and they require the most rigorous and frequent cleaning process. And ...

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How to clean your running shoes and sneakers

How great it would be if the sneakers would keep their appearance as on their first use. Maybe you saw that once they get dirt you cannot regain that perfectly cleaned look. And that because you’re not washing them properly. Here are the steps that you have to follow in order to achieve cleaned and shiny sneakers: Before we start ...

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Tile: Care and Cleaning Guide

Cleaning floor tiles and wall tiles seems fairly simple. Yet things are not quite that simple. As boards are lighter, the dirt is more visible, and the tiles become completely clean only after a few effort steps. If you manage to perfectly clean  ceramic tiles, you are among the lucky people, but if you’re one of those who “fight” every ...

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How to clean wax from the floor and carpet

Wax stains on the carpet. Candles can easily become a fire hazard. Even if you use them safely, you can have other drawbacks, such as wax stains on the carpet and floor. Depending on the components of your candle, wax stains can be easily cleaned or may even cause damage to carpets and floors of the house.

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How to remove the grease from cabinets

The wood is a material easy to care, if you keep it away from water and grease. The grease stains from wood furniture shouldn’t frighten you when you discover them. With a little patience, you can restore the shine and brilliance of your furniture. It is very important to use solutions that will not destroy the wood.

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How to clean the washing machine

The washing machine cleans the clothes and washes all the dust on the fabrics, but who cleans it? All dust, dirt particles of all kind must settle somewhere, right? Find out how clean the washing machine so that your laundry to stay clean and free of dangerous germs.

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