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7 Reasons Why You still have acne

Although it is considered a particular  adolescence problem, acne becomes an ordeal for women who have gone 20 or even 30 years. But often the habits they have about skin care are the ones to blame. Maybe you use care products with 10% benzoyl peroxide to cover your scars caused by acne or a concealer instead to treat them. Read below ...

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7 Mistakes that lead to hair loss

You have noticed that for some time you have problems with hair loss. You thought it will stop, but it didn’t. And, very important, you used all sorts of products to stop the hair loss. You will have healthier hair if you start taking proper care of yourself and if you turn to professional help. Read more about the top ...

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Why you should put cotton wool in your navel

Well, although it seems hard to believe , if you put a little cotton in the navel, this remedy will help you to fight against colds, flu, cough, abdominal and menstrual pains.This extremely simple remedy is probably one of the most effective ways to treat flu, cough and other diseases and disorders. This is surprisingly method simple and very effective, ...

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Tips and tricks to get rid of white hair

It is well known that once you get older, your hair begins to grow old too, and over time, it becomes thinner and discolored. For most people there are no white hairs before 30 years, but there are cases in which the hair suffers from premature aging. Thus, for various reasons, such as stress, unhealthy eating, improper care and other ...

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2 Recipes That Will Help You With Hair Loss

Thinning hair and fall abundant are quite common among ladies, and this happens a variety of reasons, from some vitamin deficiency to a more serious health problem. However, hair loss in both females and males can be treated, however, it depends on the causes of this problem. Here are some causes of hair loss: EMOTIONAL STRESS Any trauma psychiatric occurred ...

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