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Heal acne with egg white facial mask

Have you ever wondered how women  managed to keep their beauty and youthfulness once, when there weren’t so many innovative cosmetics? The answer is simple: they used what they had: different foods and plants. Although the cosmetics industry knows significant progress from year to year, we see a growing trend to return to simple, natural methods of care that have ...

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How to treat cracked corners of the mouth

Baking soda treatment for blackheads

Cracks in the corner of the mouth is  something that scares us, considering that many people face this problem at some point in life. This condition is called angular cheilitis (or stomatitis)  and manifests through  cracked corners of the mouth. Sometimes it heals by itself, but it can happen to worsen, causing great pain and difficulty when you open the ...

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Non-toxic ways to clean the fridge

The refrigerator keeps the food fresh, but beyond that, over time, can develop a number of bacteria that will be expensive to eliminate. However, because  refrigerator it’s the subject, it is recommended to clean it without  chemicals that can settle on food,only using natural and organic ingredients. To clean your refrigerator, you need: -vinegar -sodium bicarbonate -lemon juice -tea tree ...

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Make your own air freshener odor absorber

The market is full of room fresheners, but they have a heavy, choking smell and moreover are very toxic. We know it is easier to buy an air freshener manufactured than to make your own odor absorber, but think that the money you save  can put your health in danger.

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Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Commercial antibacterial gels quite harmful for the skin because of the chemical agents used to combat germs. Due to the composition of substances, the skin becomes dry and can suffer more serious injuries: peeling or acquiring an unpleasant appearance. Here are the ingredients needed for the antibacterial gel: – 5-10 drops of lavender essential oil – 30 drops of tea ...

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Home Remedies for Acne Redness

Acne can often be accompanied by redness and spots. Unfortunately, trying hard to cover the odious redness with makeup can sometimes may produce more harm than good and only making it even more obvious than it already is. Due to the fact that acne is a common skin condition, there are lots of cosmetic products available in pharmacies that promise ...

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Natural Way To Shrink Open Pores

A skin with clogged open pores can look really unattractive and old, it is also unhealthy. And if you do not clean them regularly, you will have even serious problems like blackheads, pimples or even acne. Here are some natural ways in order to have a clean, illuminated and good looking, fresh face, using just 100% natural and cheap ingredients, ...

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