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How to clean a leather sofa

Leather sofas are a sign of good taste and sophistication in any home. They are soft and comfortable, but their maintenance is no so easy. Leather couch attract dust and dirt, but if you clean it frequently, without expecting dust, this piece of furniture will look great, longer. Here’s how to clean the couch correctly: Wipe the couch Unfortunately, besides  ...

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How to clean silver jewelry at home

Do you wear silver jewelry but you do not know how to clean them when they start to lose their brilliance? Learn quickly from the experts how to clean the silver. We all have in our jewelry box  a silver accessory, whether earrings, a ring, a necklace or a bracelet. Or maybe even a coin, a souvenir, some cutlery or ...

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How to clean the walls

Even if you do not notice, dust is deposited in large amounts on the surface of the walls. If you do not regularly dust, the finish degrades, there is a risk of  spiders to appear and, very importantly, allergen germs will develop. Add this activity on your list of cleaning to protect the health of the entire family.

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How to clean a pan in 10 seconds

Pans are like wines, the older the better. That if you take care of them and clean them after each use. If you have cleaning troubles, here’s how to clean them in just 10 seconds. Pans are perfect for making delicious pancakes, tasty sauces , hearty breakfasts and other mad culinary , but it gets a little unfriendly when you ...

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How to CORRECTLY clean and polish wood furniture

Wood is a stylish and basic element of our homes, whether you put it in the kitchen, dining room or other rooms. It is a perfect material and preferred by many people because it gives a more rustic design, making it more beautiful. However, it may cost you much to proper care it. There are some tips you can follow ...

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7 Amazing methods to clean burnt pans

Hardened grease or burnt food are the most difficult to clean. With time, your pots and pans darken us and the bright vessels of aluminum or stainless steel lose their shine. Here’s how to clean the stubborn  burnt stains in order to make the pots and pans look like new.

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