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Cure nail fungus with sea salt

When your fingernails are affected by nail fungus they turn yellow and brittle. Apart from looking unappealing and embarrassing the patient, this condition can be painful. The medical treatment is lengthy and expensive, as well as painful from time to time. But there is another way to remove nail fungus: sea salt. The next recipe is designed for toe nails, ...

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Get rid of toenail fungus with Vicks Vaporub

Toenail fungus is an unpleasant condition which is caused by a microscopic organism that grows in wet and warm environments. Just like swimming pools and showers. One step is enough to get the fungus and the infection. Your nails are going to look yellow and start to break, leading to pain and embarrassment. Apart from consulting a dermatologist there are ...

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Natural Way To Shrink Open Pores

A skin with clogged open pores can look really unattractive and old, it is also unhealthy. And if you do not clean them regularly, you will have even serious problems like blackheads, pimples or even acne. Here are some natural ways in order to have a clean, illuminated and good looking, fresh face, using just 100% natural and cheap ingredients, ...

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