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Tea that eliminates water retention

Excess water can be removed using diuretics, but you have to choose one that does not irritate your kidneys. Birch leaf tea is great for this problem because it helps to treat urinary infections and kidney problems. Because it eliminates excess water from the body, it should be consumed especially before menstruation.And the best part is that it helps to eliminate cellulite.

Method of preparation

To prepare the tea, boil 2.5 liters of water and add a teaspoon of birch leaves. Leave to infuse for 15 minutes, then s drink it three times a day. Be careful, though, ask your doctor before you start treatment.

Water retention occurs when the body can not remove fluids from tissues. You realize that you have this problem when parts of the body such as the feet or hands begin to swell when you feel bloated or notice weight fluctuations. If  you stand up for a long time or you take birth control pills you might deal with water retention. Lack of vitamin B1 proteins or excessive salt intake also lead to uptake of water.

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Tea that eliminates water retention

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