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The color of your tongue reveals your health

Your tongue can give you important information about the digestive tract and liver.For example, if  it’s  whitish , you have a bad digestion, a sluggish liver or an imbalance of intestinal flora. If your whitish language  is accompanied by bad breath, it means that your body does not produce enough  hydrochloric acid. In these circumstances, you have problems with  the digesting- you’re eating food rich in protein, such as meat, seafood or eggs. After a meal containing these products, you feel bloated and cumbersome.

If you see a whitish portion behind the tongue, your colon is not working well and needs a detoxification. A notch on the tip of your tongue may notify heart problems. Your tongue must be clean, which is an indicator of a healthy body who doesn’t have unhealthy cravings. Before anything, you must cease to eat unhealthy foods, which slow down your digestion and promotes the growth of bad bacteria. Sugar is one of the ingredients that cause imbalances in the intestinal flora, so you should avoid it. You can find it in all sorts of foods, not just in sweets, so you have to read the labels carefully.

To clean that whitish tongue, you have to poop everyday. Otherwise your colon will be full of toxins. Drink at least two liters of water a day, eat foods rich in fiber and consume tea instead of juice. Magnesium is a nutrient that helps your muscles and also has a laxative effect.

You can detoxify the liver and the colon with natural juices. You should avoid  fruit juices because they have a large amount of sugar.
If you want a clean and healthy tongue, you should avoid  foods that stimulate the secretion of mucus. This includes ice creams, margarine, cheese, fried foods and sweets. Alcohol should also be avoided, as it can compromise the liver function, leading to bad breath and the whitish appearance.

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The color of your tongue reveals your healthareas.

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