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The Secret Of Blackheads Removal

Every woman is getting frustrated when black spots are appearing on her face. Black spots are very unattractive and unsightly but you can try the following trick which is extremely simple and efficient.

Egg white can have unsuspected beneficial effects because it is very rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins which are exactly what our skin is in need for. Selenium, for example, is a mineral which is combating acne.

Protein helps close pores and protects the skin from bacteria that might develop there and they also reduce wrinkles. In the first place, you need to do something for your pores to open up; you can use warm water or the steam from any tea. After your pores are opened, just beat the egg white, then using a brush or even your fingers, apply a coat of egg white on the nose, cheekbones and chin. Over the egg layer apply a single layer of toilet paper or paper towel. And here’s your new face!
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The Secret Of Blackheads Removal

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