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The trick that extends your life

A group of American specialists found that a  lifestyle based on a certain number of calories  improves strength concentration and helps you lose weight. In addition, representatives of the National Institute for Aging say that these conclusions were drawn after they noticed that animals that received  fewer calories a day have lived twice longer than those who ate more.This lifestyle has been tested on humans and was found that it protects the heart, circulatory system and the brain.

Excess food, the most harmful habit today

After a meal or a snack, your body produces a higher level of hormones to control sugar levels and this is associated with lack of concentration and increases the risk of diabetes. If you’re used to eat more than you need daily, the risk is greater, comparable with  excessive smoking or alcohol consumption.

Previous research had shown that a few days of starvation helps in the fight against cancer. When you deprive  healthy cells of food you make them fight for survival and become more resistant to stress and the problems caused by chemotherapy.

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The trick that extends your life

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