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Tile: Care and Cleaning Guide

Cleaning floor tiles and wall tiles seems fairly simple. Yet things are not quite that simple. As boards are lighter, the dirt is more visible, and the tiles become completely clean only after a few effort steps.
If you manage to perfectly clean  ceramic tiles, you are among the lucky people, but if you’re one of those who “fight” every day against dirt stains you only have to follow these steps.

Floor tile cleaning
Whether sandstone is dark or pale, it is still required thorough cleaning. However, sandstone white, cream or pastel tints or other  seem to “absorb”  all the misery and all the stains.
For beginners it is recommended to buy a detergent recommended for  white terracotta products (bath, sink, etc.) and spray it all over the floor tiles, entirely. Because they are likely to emanate a strong and toxic odor, it would be better to open the window and forbid  children and pets access in the room.
Leave the cleanser to act for 5-10 minutes and then take two brushes: one large and one small (small brush can be a toothbrush with  very rough bristles). Rub the tiles with  the large brush and for difficult areas use a toothbrush. It is hard work and requires at least 20 minutes, but the final result will be amazing.
After you have cleaned tiles using brushes spray another layer of the substance to clean and then wipe the tiles with a mop soaked in clean water and floor detergent.

Cleaning kitchen tiles
Kitchen tiles  is often stained with food or oil, while the bathroom has soap stains and limestone. Because is not always handy to wash the tile every time there is a stain, the only option is to clean it thoroughly once a week. In the first instance simply wipe the tile with a cloth soaked in warm water and liquid soap. This way you soften the dirt off it. Then spray a liquid alcohol and wipe with a dry cloth.

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Tile Care and Cleaning Guide

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