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Top 13 Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid

We all do mistakes, especially when it comes to areas in which we are not the experts. They say that every woman makes at least a small mistake when it comes to skin care. Are you one of them? Try being more careful and improve your bad habits because the mistakes you make are going to make your skin older, which is not exactly a thing that a fashion girl would be thrilled about.

Please find below 13 mistakes from skin care ritual to avoid:

1.You do not cleanse your face skin: It happened to all of us to sometimes fall asleep wearing make-up. It is perfectly normal as long it does not become a habit and happens once in a long period of time. What happens when we go to bed and we don’t cleanse our skin? The pores will load accumulating sebum and it is likely that pimples or even acne will occur.

  1. You do not use SPF:Even if the cream you are using contains SPF, you always should have near a special sunscreen cream for complete coverage. Using SPF cream is the best way you can keep your skin smooth, without wrinkles.
  1. You forget to hydrate yourself:A healthy skin can be maintained by keeping your body hydrated. So you should large amounts of drink water daily in order to improve the blood circulation, and automatically, improve your skin condition.
  1. You do not use eye cream:Stop listening to your grandmother who tells you’re too young to use any cosmetic products. She doesn’t use them, and yet that’s not a good example. Everybody is getting old, however not all of us look the same way, one of us looking younger than the others. So even if you are 20 years old, consider that it is never too early to use eye cream. Apply a small quantity of eye cream on the orbital area with your ring finger.
  1. You are sitting too close to the mirror when tweezing your eyebrows: If you are holding the mirror too close to your face, you might risk ruining the shapes of your eyebrows because you cannot see both of them. You should take a step back for a better view.
  2. You consume unhealthy food:They say you are what you eat. That sounds pretty logical, isn’t it? Lack of fruits, vegetables and Omega 3 fatty acids may affect not only your diet, but your skin will suffer, too. Not knowing where to start from? You might think of salad, salmon and forest fruits such as blueberries.
  1. You do not use a moisturizer:Even though you have oily skin and you believe that this type of skin does not need extra moisture, you should think twice. Regardless of skin type, your skin needs water and using a moisturizer it gives water to the skin, not oil. So apply a moisturizer every morning and night cream before going to bed.
  1. You are not exfoliating enough:The secret to a youthful glow consist in a proper exfoliation, so you shouldn’t skip this step if you want to benefit of it. As the body produces many skin cells, it is a necessity to use a scrub twice a week in order to get rid of the dead cells.
  1. You touch your face too often: Every time you touch your skin you can cause it damage, as each touch might lead to scarring and wrinkles. In addition, whenever you retouch your makeup throughout the day, you will make the pores load. So avoid doing it too often or after the morning routine, you can check only your lipstick during the day.
  1. You do not clean the makeup brushes daily:If you do not clean the brushes daily using a cleaning spray, there are big chances develop acne. Get used to clean them regularly in order to keep your skin cleaner and healthier.
  1. You do not wash the bed linens:The bed linens need regular washing, especially washing the face pillows. Face pillows need to be washed more often in contrast with the other pieces of the linen, as they collect dead skin cells, hair follicles and might let traces of oils that stick to the skin and leading to blocked pores. So you should wash them once a week in order to keep the night routine of skin care.
  1. You do not clean your phone:Studies have proven that the mobile phone is one of the personal objects that is full of bacteria. Just think about how often you use your phone while getting into contact with other objects. The most common option would be to regularly wipe it with a disinfectant, at least once per week, in order to keep it clean. Another possible option is to use headphones that avoid direct contact of the phone with your face.
  1. You apply makeup on dry skin:Hydration should be one of the first things to do after washing your face or when getting out of the shower as your skin needs proper hydration to resist before applying any foundation.
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Top 13 Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid

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