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Top 3 remedies to treat Dry And Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are a common problem. For many people this is a purely cosmetic problem, but by neglecting them can lead to more serious issues. By deepening the cracks begin to bleed and the skin discomfort turns into pain. But what is causing the cracked heels? Factors are multiple from a long standing up period, obesity, to inactive sweat glands, thyroid disorders, or vitamins, minerals and zinc deficiency.

Keep your skin soft and hydrated by using body creams or body oils rich in vitamins or minerals. We present you 3 remedies that will help you treat your dry, cracked heels: Calendula oil, lemon juice and paraffin.

Calendula oil has amazing properties when it comes to heal the skin. If you mix this oil with vitamin E and vitamin A, or just with olive oil you will obtain an excellent remedy for your heels problem. Try to massage the problem area every day until it heals completely.

If the cracks are not deeper you should try to soak your feet in lemon juice once a week. You may also try heat wax paraffin mixed with mustard oil. The cream obtained should pe applied on cracked heels before going to sleep and be left overnight. Repeat this treatment for 15 days.

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Top 3 remedies to treat Dry And Cracked Heels

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