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Treat acne with basil mask

Acne is a terrible health problem for both adults or teenagers. The pores become infected and skin becomes unsightly and also painful.
There are a number of medicinal products and cosmetics that work in a lesser or greater extent. Some of them solves the problem of acne, but other causes  irritation, dryness or itching.
People who have experienced the negative effects of drugs and cosmetic treatments, turn to nature, where they have sufficient resources  to heal the disease. And basil is a highly effective ingredient. We present you below a mask based on basil and turmeric, from which you’ll get a paste that acts on moderate  and aggressive acne. It is a antiseptic and antibacterial  mixture that treats scars.

What do you need
-Boiled water
-basil leaves
-Turmeric leaves

How to prepare the anti acne mask

There is no certain amount of these ingredients, the only rule is that you must use an equal number of leaves of basil and turmeric. However, do not put too many, because, is a mask that must be applied immediately, and the remaining content will be discarded. So, use wisely the leaves.

Blend the turmeric leaves until you get a thick paste. Do the same with basil and add it in the boiling water and mix to get a smooth paste. Mix one tablespoon of turmeric paste with half a tablespoon of basil paste. The consistency of the mask must be fluid so that can be spread well on the skin.
Apply the mask with your fingers and let it act 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and soap, then apply a moisturizer that is designed to prevent acne.
The mixture should be used once or twice a day, a few days in a row. Although you might wish to prepare when you use it, if you have prepared more time to blend and also prepared another in the coming days, store it in the refrigerator to be able to reuse it.

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Treat acne with basil mask

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