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Treat varicose veins with tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in healthy substances, from the cancer-preventing licopen to several acids which boost your immunity and help your body fight free radicals, which lead to premature aging. Few people know that tomatoes also has the same compound found in aspirin, which is a blood thinner, known as anticoagulant. This makes tomatoes perfect for treating varicose veins.

Red and green tomatoes

You can use both green and red tomatoes to relieve varicose veins. When you use green tomatoes wash and slice couple of them and place the slices right on the venous nodules. Fix them on the leg with a bandage and keep them on until you feel a tingle on the skin. Remove them and rinse with cold water. The first improvements should be visible from the first application. After two weeks of treatment with green tomatoes the nodules should decrease and even disappear.

You can use red tomatoes in this treatment and you can even combine them. Apply the tomatoes in the evening or at night.

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Treat varicose veins with tomatoes

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