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How to use vinegar to clean the bedroom

Vinegar is a particularly good ingredient for cleaning and freshening the bedroom. Vinegar has a low price, it is not toxic and can have many uses in the household. It removes odors, stains and clean debris, and at the same time acts as a strong disinfectant. Vinegar is found in any grocery store. With one bottle you can clean and freshen the bedroom at least twice. And the best part is that you can use vinegar as the sole ingredient in cleaning the entire room.

Here are some ways  to clean the bedroom using vinegar.
Washing windows
Add 100 ml of undiluted vinegar in a spray bottle and spread the product  all over the bedroom’s windows. Finally wipe with a paper towel. The windows will be perfectly clean, like you’ve washed it with a special detergent. The good thing is that vinegar contains no toxic ingredients that you can inhale mistakenly when spraying.

Odor Removal
Tobacco odors, cat urine etc. They can be easily removed using vinegar. Spray the product on the area from which the smell comes, leave it on for 10 minutes and then wipe with an abrasive pad. The area will be clean, refreshed and disinfected, and the odors will be imperceptible.

Stain removal
If the furniture or the  floor have are various spots, vinegar is the ingredient that will solve the problem. This is an acidic liquid that dissolves any deposits or dirt within a few moments. Spray a sufficient amount of vinegar on the stain and then you wipe the area with a clean piece of cotton. If that place has it is still not completely clean, repeat the step and eventually add a pinch of baking  soda over the stain.
Removing nicotine stains
If you get used to smoke in the bedroom it is good to know that on all the furniture is deposited a thick layer of nicotine. It is sufficient to spray once  vinegar on the closet and then wipe  it with a clean cloth. You won’t believe how dirty the cloth will be. Wipe all the furniture  with a cloth soaked in vinegar. Do not miss a spot, and make sure that the bedroom is completely clean and refreshed at the end. Do not forget to wash fabrics (curtains, bedding) in water mixed with detergent and white vinegar. In this way they will be, not only clean but also disinfected.

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How to use vinegar to clean the bedroom

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