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What happens if you sleep with a slice of onion in your socks

You  would say it is a crazy , but grandma would contradict you right away: she knows from her grandmother that the onion has healing properties. So if you want get rid of cold in a fast natural way, or you want to detox your body organs you are reading the right article.  It seems that this solution is too simple … but it is  very effective!

In traditional Chinese medicine we can find “meridians” through which qi body energy flows.  The acupuncture has the role to stimulate the external meridians. But there are inner meridians. These meridians are connected to internal organs and through their stimulation you can treat body’s organs.
The human foot has approximately 7,000 nerve endings, which after Chinese theory link with almost all organs in the body. But there is a problem nowadays- the energy transmitted through the meridians becomes passive because people wear shoes all the time . Therefore it is appropriate to properly stimulate the meridians, or to spend as much time as you can with bare feet on the ground, or  to use onions.
Chinese healers advise us to cut onions crosswise as salami, put the slices of onion in thick socks and secure them on the base (with the same success you can use garlic). Then go to bed. Meridians stimulation favors easy passage of QI energy into liver and also this procedure  kills bacteria on the skin surface and the phosphoric acid from the onions manages to get into the blood stream and to cleanse it.

It is interesting that our traditional doctors advise us to put onions in socks, but in order to eliminate the cold. The advantages of this procedure are:
– It cleanses the blood due to the phosphoric acid
– Most of the bacteria will be destroyed.
– You’ll get rid of foot odor.

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What happens if you sleep with a slice of onion in your socks

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